Mike Tan - Director

Michael has been involved in the New Zealand security industry since 2009 where he has held a variety of roles.  These roles have included film and TV production security, concert security, as well as security management and close protection.  Recently, Michael worked for an international airline where he specialised in travel risk for corporate customers.  He also held a secondary role as a member of that airline's Group Emergency Management Team.  He holds National Certificates in Security Levels 2 and 3, and has a current New Zealand Ministry of Justice Certificate of Approval (Security Industry).  Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland with a double-major in Politics & International Relations and Employment Relations & Organisational Studies.  Michael also holds a post-graduate degree specialising in International Security and Geopolitical Risk from the University of Auckland.  Michael's post-graduate thesis examined the oil security strategy of the People's Republic of China.  Having travelled extensively, Michael has an excellent knowledge of travel risk and security, as well as geopolitics.