At Global Risks Group, we specialise in mitigating risks to your business.  From security consulting and travel risk, through to political risk and geopolitical intelligence, we will work with you to ensure your organisation is a success.

Geopolitical Intelligence


Invaluable Insights

Using our skills and experience, Global Risks Group can provide a comprehensive geopolitical intelligence service.  Our targeted analysis will provide you with insights into geopolitical trends that may have an affect on your organisation.  From social upheaval and political unrest, through to economic change and inter-state conflict, we will provide you with unbiased analysis that will help you mitigate risk.

Political Risk

Forecasting Your Future

Planning on entering a new market or are you concerned about the current political climate?  Global Risks Group will work with you to ensure that you understand the political risks to your business.  Using various databases as well as open-source intelligence, we will provide you with invaluable insights into the current political climate and how your business might be affected.



Protecting You & Your Assets

Global Risks Group is your security specialist.  With over 10 years experience in the security industry we are well placed to advise you on security matters.  Whether it's consulting on physical, travel, and event security, or providing security personnel, we can provide you with a comprehensive security offering.  We are licenced to provide security services by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.

Travel Risk


Staying Safe On The Road

Global Risks Group is a travel risk and security specialist.  Our insights are invaluable to you and your organisation; allowing your people to safely do what they do best.  We have extensive experience providing travel security advice and intelligence, as well as formulating comprehensive travel contingency plans.